We'll help you find your way.

  • We're licensed to hunt all species of big game available in Nevada and have a variety of areas from which to choose. We hunt on private lands are licensed with the US Forest Service & Bureau of Land Management.
  • We offer full service hunts, as well as, access to private lands. There are areas to suit every level of ability. Dates fill up fast after the draw so contact us early to book your hunt.
  • APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE AT www.ndowlicensing.com. The Nevada Department of Wildlife is on a quota system where hunters draw for most hunting tags. Elko County, especially the East Humboldt Mountain Range, has been rated as some of the best mule deer hunting in the United States. There is limited hunting pressure.
  • The East Humboldt Range is made up of rocky ridges and the canyon bottoms are full of Quaken Aspen, making this area prime "Big Buck Country". On the west side of the range, we've set up tent camps to accommodate the early hunts. You will be taken in by horseback or mules and hunt right out of camp. We have tremendous early season hunting in this area.
  • We've leased private ground north of Wells which has received very little hunting pressure for mule deer and elk over the past few years. The terrain is more typical of Nevada's high sagebrush plateaus and mountains.
  • Our outfitting business is a personal affair with special attention paid to each hunter. We operate on a small hunter to guide ration and limit our number of hunting guests. We assure no over-booking or over-hunting. We offer you a chance to hunt trophy game while having a memorable time that is fun as well.
  • Humboldt Outfitters offers a variety of other hunts, covering all the big game, bird hunting, as well as fishing and photography trips.

MIKE MORRISON is our MASTER GUIDE.  He's guided for well over 30 years. He has covered most of Elko County on horseback/mule and knows Areas 6, 7, & 10 like the back of his hand. Most hunters call him "Big Mike" and he lives up to his name. He's definitely a guide you'll appreciate in your camp. Mike loves all hunting but his favorite is at camp. He's a great cook as well. He lives with his wife, Dayla, north of Wells and is a pretty handy rancher. Mike would like to wish you the very best for all your hunting endeavors.  Got questions? Just email or call and he'll be eager to answer them. 775.275.0240

Marc Morrison is a sub-guide and son of Mike and Dayla. He lives in Wells with his wife, Megan, son Case, and daughter Adree Jo. He was raised in Wells and has learned the guiding trade from his dad. He's very strong and his dad relies on him to help pack out the trophy. He is left of the goat.

​PO BOX 824, WELLS, NEVADA  89835        PHONE:  775.752.3644/775.275.0240

Ronnie Dudley is another sub-guide and lives in Buhl, ID. He is a nephew of Mike and Dayla and was raised in Southern Idaho.

There’s nothing quite like the outdoors. With your boots tied tight, a backpack, thermos in toe, and tunes on your MP3 player, you’ve got nowhere to go but up. And that’s just what you’re going to do here at Humboldt Outfitters LLC. Not only do we offer hiking trail guides for different experience levels, but we work hard to ensure the environment is protected, so you have little to worry about when it comes to how do I find my way. So, get your pack on, find your gear and make your way to Humboldt Outfitters. You never know what you might find!


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